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Chess Themed Cakes

Chess cake!
Dallouau @ Shinsaibashi-suji, Osaka by Raelene Gutierrez ~ CC BY 2.0

Playing chess has become a huge part of my everyday life (find me HERE at and everything chess is now of interest to me, even chess cakes.  I also love themed parties and these cake ideas and supplies are what every chess lover needs.  They are perfect for birthdays, Father’s Day (Mother’s Day too) and celebrating any victory or accomplishment.  Take a look below to find ideas, both easy and extravagant, and supplies to create chess themed cakes.

Round or Square

At first I was like… “Who really wants a round chess cake?”.  Then I saw The Making of a Chess Cake by Grated Nutmeg and was like “WOW!  ME!!!”.  The post includes very detailed instructions.  However, one thing you could change is to make the actual cake a checkerboard. Depending on your baking skills, you could make the checkerboard without any special pans.  You can find detailed instructions for both round and square HERE or you could get a special pan…

Round Checkerboard Cake Pan Set
Square Checkerboard Cake Pan Set

There are many different options when decorating your chess cake.  My favorites are creating both a checkerboard base and pieces.  I love the look of the chocolate chess pieces.  Nerdy Nummies have a very helpful how to make a chess cake video and they use a lot of chocolate.  Take a look…

If you need chocolate molds, this is a good set…

Chess Pieces and Board Chocolate Molds ~ Checkers Too 

There are also fondant molds…

Fondant Molds ~ Chess Pieces

Take a look below for some additional, AMAZING and my favorite Chess Cake decorating ideas…


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